The Angelina

Bring your venue to life

The most popular, profitable digital jukebox in the world.
Choose your genres, build your vibe.

A revenue stream not a drain

The Angelina jukebox from TouchTunes is available in the UK via TouchTunes’ network of machine and AV suppliers.

It is the UK’s premier digital jukebox service.

It comes as standard with a coin-mech and the TouchTunes app and can be upgraded with a card reader.

The Angelina jukebox is currently installed in thousands of sites in the UK and is renowned for its striking presence, customer interface, fantastic music selection and technical stability.

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Unmatched Aesthetics and Presence

The Angelina Jukebox commands attention with its distinctive design featuring clean lines, a striking white rim light, and a visually captivating “floating” appearance. This iconic jukebox makes an immediate impression, projecting a substantial presence while requiring a mere 24 inches of horizontal wall space. The Angelina’s aesthetic is elevated by the most sophisticated music-driven lighting ever seen in a jukebox.


Unprecedented Music Selection

With the Angelina Jukebox, your customers gain access to an unmatched selection of digital entertainment. From all-time greatest hits to the latest chart-toppers, Angelina caters to every generation’s musical tastes. Searching for the perfect track is a breeze with intuitive search features that allow users to explore by artist, song, or genre. 

Seamless entertainment experience unlock a world of possibilities with the Angelina jukebox’s diverse features: 

  • Million online tracks, including the latest releases and classic albums.
  • Automatic new music updates via Wi-Fi or ethernet connection.
  • User-friendly search function: simply search by artist, song, or genre.
  • Coin-operated but can be upgraded with card reader technology
  • TouchTunes App compatible; generate new income and attract new users to the juke and venue. 
  • PhotoBooth functionality for events and gatherings.


  • Height: 80cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Depth: 25cm