Country 2.0 on the TouchTunes jukeboxes

The music team at TouchTunes UK are constantly striving to provide the best music selection for jukebox users. This means that the biggest tracks around are programmed weekly and also that current music trends are prominently highlighted on the jukeboxes, ensuring customers are browsing and playing what is on offer.

Reflecting the hottest music trend around, recently added to the front end of TouchTunes jukeboxes, is the ‘Country 2.0’ playlist. The tracks reflect the hugely popular new wave of Country music that is taking the music world by storm. A whole new generation of artists have reinvigorated the genre, modernising the sound to appeal to music fans who may not have traditionally been drawn to songs about truck stops, lost love and late nights in bar rooms.

Country 2.0 features the likes of the hugely popular Chris Stapleton with ‘Tennessee Whiskey’, one of the most popular tracks on the jukeboxes. Also featured are artists who are not traditionally seen as Country but are putting their spurs on to join the trend, like Beyonce with ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’. Rising stars such as Shaboozey and Dasha also sit alongside firm favourites like Luke Combs.

The genre shows no sign of losing momentum and with the likes of Lana Del Rey planning a Country album release this year, Country 2.0 will have a saddle load of new tracks to add, keeping customers coming back for more.