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TouchTunes explain why a music round in a PUB QUIZ is so important

Nowadays, a jukebox can go all night without even a second look; if it hasn’t already been sent to the scrapheap. It’s a crying shame. But the fact of the matter is that the traditional jukebox is no longer fit for the times.

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TouchTunes FAQs

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Where are you based?

Our offices are in central London but we have engineers located throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

What locations and areas do you cover?

We cover all locations across the UK including Northern Ireland.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a contract. Installing a jukebox is a significant investment for TouchTunes, so all of our contracts have a notice provision. If you’re unhappy with the service, or the relationship isn’t working out for any reason, the notice provision can be triggered.

Does TTGo have liability insurance for the jukebox?

TT have £5m level of PLI. Equipment is fully tested for electrical safety. Certificates may be sent to any venue on demand ahead of a hire.

What happens if the jukebox gets damaged, who is responsible?

TT has a duty of care regarding the equipment hired. In the event of damage occurring during a hire, TT has a duty to repair the damaged equipment.



What type of music does the jukebox play?

TouchTunes offers endless song choices that are fully licensed — from the classics and latest hits to local bands and everything in between..

How much space do you need for a jukebox?

23.9″h x 24″w x 10.1″d

The jukebox requires a 13amp 240v socket within one metre of the Jukebox location and preferably a hard-wired internet connection. The jukebox will also work with WIFI and a sim card

How many tracks are there on a jukebox?

The digital jukeboxes we supply feature around 1 million music tracks. They can search for the latest and greatest specific tracks, artists and albums quickly and easily using the touchscreen technology.

How does the jukebox get updated with the latest songs?

All our jukeboxes are automatically updated every week with new music including the very latest chart releases and new album titles. This is done by connecting the jukebox to the venue’s internet router by either a hard wire or WiFi connection.

What if we don’t have WIFI, can the jukebox be updated?

We simply install a 4/5G dongle. This is a compact, wireless device that operates on a sim card. This enables the jukebox to have an online broadband connection. Online jukeboxes allow your customers access to an extensive music library of millions of tracks. New music updates help increase cash box levels, so it’s important for us to get you connected no matter what it takes!

What happens if the jukebox doesn’t work?

Our team of friendly and helpful staff are available 364 days a year, 9am – 10pm, so if your digital jukebox experiences a fault, get in touch with us right away. If site repair is needed, we will send out our qualified technicians as soon as possible.

Can I select tracks to be played at certain times of the day?

The music profiling option on our digital jukeboxes allows you to select a track that you’d like to play. If you require timers and background music, we can build that profile for you and we can make sure these are actioned during installation.

How does the TT App work and is it available on all phone types?

Customers can buy credit to play tracks on the jukebox via the TouchTunes app, available to download for free via iTunes or Google Play.

Can we control the music in different zones of our premises?

We can wire the jukebox up to 4 music zones. For example, you could change the volume separately in your bar, lounge, dining or garden area

What music licence do I require?

TT is responsible for the music PRS & PPL licence of the music on jukebox. The venue is responsible for their own PRS venue licence for the playing of the music.


How long does installation take?

From TTGo and the customer agreeing the paperwork installation is within 10 working days.

What are the costs for installation?

We provide free installation for your digital jukebox and all associated equipment. This is carried out by our qualified engineers.

Prior to installation, we will arrange a visit to your venue to discuss where your machine will be positioned, speakers, music profiling and time delay options. This is to ensure your digital jukebox is installed with all your requirements met.