Commercial Terms

Keep the majority of income with no up-front costs

"At TouchTunes we have created a combination of the latest digital technology, giving you access to over 1 million tracks and a totally cashless customer journey with app and cashless readers as the only payment types. This has revolutionised the way venues earn revenue from their music source, has trebled income levels and reduced the cost of collections where it has been installed. This is a no brainer for any venue with old technology music products or a desire to make money from music."

Toby Hoyte

Commercial Director

Soundtrack your night out

Keep the majority of income with no up-front costs

Touchtunes supplies the jukebox at no cost to you. We simply recover our cost in one of two ways:

  • Revenue Share – Here we’ll install your touch screen jukebox, collect the revenue remotely and settle on a revenue share basis. You’re guaranteed the best deals on the market, and with cashless remote collection, you don’t need to worry about opening up for a physical cash collection!
  • Background MusicThis is a real game changer – we supply a profiled background music service for your site. You then decide if your customers can choose and play music using the juke. For this deal, we have an innovative new offer where you keep the majority of income but pay a higher monthly fee.

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