Installation & Account Management

Nationwide installation network across the UK

"Our dedicated team of professionals will meet your business’s needs. Assessing the installation requirements of your venue, agreeing the best time to install, helping to set up your music genres and supporting you to grow your revenue using national trends and data to assist your decision making".

Carl Adams

Technical Services Manager

Technical support from our team of dedicated specialists.

TouchTunes has a nationwide network across the UK to help with installation and support.  We are here to help you grow your business through the effective use of music.

Our engineers come fully equipped to handle the installation:

  • We will find the most convenient time for installation to avoid disruption
  • We’ll be quick and efficient with the install
  • As the jukebox is wall mounted, it takes up very little space
  • We’ll provide national and regional data to help you understand music trends
  • We will monitor the first 8 weeks closely with you and then regularly check in with you to ensure all is working well