Atmosphere is more important than the beer you sell

Why Putting Guests In Control Of Your Atmosphere Could Really Pay Off

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Sets the mood. Draws a crowd.

We hate to use the word ‘vibe’. But when it comes to attracting customers to your venue, the right vibe – or atmosphere – can make or break it.

So what makes a good atmosphere exactly? Things like on-point lighting and decor matter, of course. But there’s something about the power of music that can almost create an atmosphere all by itself. Get the music right, and your customers will stay put for longer. Great news for your bottom line.

Experience music in a new light

Introducing the Angelina digital jukebox. Say goodbye to the old fashioned jukebox from decades past, and hello to the modern take on it. No need for expensive DJs; the Angelina is a better sounding, more attractive alternative (no offense to all the DJs out there). And no music licence needed!


Generate Revenue

The Angelina jukebox pays you as it plays, so it quickly becomes an extra revenue stream. Equipped with contactless payment technology, customers can keep tapping their cards. That’s got to be music to your ears?


Increase dwell time

The right music means customers will be more likely to dwell in your venue. And this means more money spent at the bar.


Latest in Jukebox tech

The Angelina is a contemporary revolution in venue music. App-controlled, customisable lighting effects and an interactive touchscreen - it ticks all the boxes for the modern customer.


App Interactivity

Your customers’ favourite songs are just a click away when they use the TouchTunes app. Integrated with digital payment functionality, it’s never been easier.