What would a custom jukebox look like for your brand?

January 28th 2020
When it comes to jukeboxes, we’re breaking the mould… literally.  As well as dragging the jukebox out of the noughties and into the smartphone era, we’re now creating customised machines that are in keeping with a venue’s décor and branding.  We’ve demonstrated the 19.5” touchscreen unit incorporated into surrounds including a mirror, a pool table and a wooden barrel for multiple-venue brands. The Barrel Edition was so popular in the US, it is now a standard product. The Fusion Music System is unlike anything else on the market and, as a result, has attracted plenty of positive press. At this year’s Entertainment, Attractions & Gaming International Expo in London, the Fusion Barrel Edition won the prize for ‘Most Creative Product on Show’. 

A jukebox in your image 

If you’ve ever thought that a jukebox doesn’t fit with your aesthetic or isn’t unique enough to represent your brand, the Fusion Music System is for you.  We understand that our Angelina jukebox might not work for everyone. Some venues have such a strong brand identity, our regular machine might look out of place.   Take the Fusion Barrel Edition. Its authentic wooden barrel exterior is ideal for breweries, brewpubs, taprooms, whiskey bars, alehouses and other venues that are clad with wooden boarding. Contact us about design options – you can ‘frame’ the Fusion system in any style of your choosing – whether that be an advertising icon – like a Cola can, or your brand name/style projected as a surround.

Latest in jukebox tech 

A rigid frame system with mounting anchor points keeps everything safe and secure, while the tech and components harnessed within the jukebox are taken from the Angelina.  That means you’ll enjoy everything that’s great about the Angelina ( there is no standard music-driven lighting when it's in Fusion form) -  user-friendly interface, compatibility with the TouchTunes app, contactless payment, minimal servicing needs, customisable playlists – encased in a design that customers will identify as your own. 

More than just a nice feature

TouchTunes jukeboxes are much more than just a nice-to-look-at feature in your venue. The Fusion Music System delivers a revolutionary jukebox experience that keeps customers coming back for more - paying you as it plays, while extending dwell time in your venue. So this reinvention of the jukebox quickly becomes a revenue stream, not a drain. With the Fusion Music System, you no longer have to choose between creating a customer-friendly atmosphere and staying on-brand.  Let your imagination run riot about what a jukebox could look like for your brand. And then share your thoughts with us. 


The most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built. The Angelina generated 30% more income from mobile, contactless and coinage compared to average national jukeboxes.

TouchTunes Stefan Podolanski, Gamestec

We have installed a number of the Angelina juke boxes into our estate, either replacing our existing jukeboxes, or as new installations. The customer feedback has been great, we love the aesthetics, but most importantly they are providing both a great music experience and generating returns for our business. We will be looking to roll out further over the coming months with this model.

TouchTunes Chris Tulloch, Blind Tiger Inns

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