TouchTunes app proves to be a game-changer for jukeboxes

September 16th 2019

Smartphone users love an app. According to the latest market data issued by App Annie, new app installations hit a record high of 30.3 billion globally in Q2, an increase of 1.9 billion over the same quarter in 2018.

Basically, if there’s an app available that serves a purpose, people will download it.

At TouchTunes, we’ve seen first-hand how consumers have come to rely on them. The TouchTunes app allows your customers to pay and play music on the Angelina, our latest digital jukebox, via an app on their phone. To date the app has generated more than nine million downloads.

Here’s why we think the TouchTunes app has proven to be something of a game-changer within the jukebox setting…

Millennial magnet

Millennials have grown up in a more technologically driven world, and they’re in their comfort zone when using a well-thought-out app. In fact, according to a survey from The Manifest, 21% of millennials open apps more than 50 times per day, compared to just 2% of Baby Boomers.

The Angelina jukebox is the latest development for the modern age, and the TouchTunes app is sure to tick all of their boxes: it’s convenient, contactless, quick, and, above all, it’s an exciting experience in itself (and, let’s not forget, 78% of millennials prefer experiences over things).

People aren’t carrying cash like they used to

One of the issues with the traditional jukebox is that it was dependent on patrons carrying cash. While this was not a problem in the noughties, people nowadays are carrying less and less cash.

In a survey conducted last year by First Bus, one in five Brits said they now never carry cash. The research also found that 44% of people have been left unable to pay for something because physical cash was the only form of payment accepted.

Not only does the app allow patrons to make digital payments, the physical jukebox allows for contactless payment.

No cash, no problem.

No queueing at the jukebox

Of course, the notion of people queueing to play the jukebox is a bit of a stretch – but if someone was to spend a long time choosing their songs it could put some customers off making their own music selections.

The TouchTunes app opens up the jukebox to everybody who wants to play it – not just those who are nearest.

With the ability to pick their songs from the comfort of their seat, customers have more opportunities to find and play the music they want to hear. They can even ‘jump the queue’ with the app’s Fast Pass feature.

Perks for regular customers

Consumers love loyalty programmes. In research conducted by YouGov last year, in partnership with rewards agency Mando-Connect, it was revealed that three quarters (77%) of the UK population are members of a loyalty programme, with seven in ten (72%) Brits believing they are a good way to reward customers and three in five (59%) thinking that all brands should offer them.

Among consumers using loyalty programmes, almost half (47%) spend more with a brand whose scheme they are a member of.

Why is this research relevant in the context of the TouchTunes app? Well, as users make their selections through the app, they will earn free song credits and other perks. It’s not a million miles away from a loyalty programme.

Those song credits will remain on the app, ready to be used at any mobile-enabled TouchTunes location within the country they were earned or purchased in.

Customers crave personalisation

Finally, the app allows patrons to personalise their jukebox experience. The app learns from users’ play history and preferences – not dissimilar to the personalised experience they get from services like Spotify and Apple Music – to provide some song recommendations, as a way of keeping things fresh.

And speaking of Spotify and Apple Music, the app also allows users to import their playlists, artists, and songs straight from their phone. This means they can continue listening to their favourite music on the jukebox in your venue.

The easier it is for users to find the music they like through the app, the more they will play the jukebox. And with every play, you earn.

TouchTunes has turned playing the jukebox on its head. And patrons love it, as the app reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store testify.

Bringing the TouchTunes app together with the Angelina, you’ve got yourself a compelling and relevant experience for pub goers.


The most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built. The Angelina generated 30% more income from mobile, contactless and coinage compared to average national jukeboxes.

TouchTunes Stefan Podolanski, Gamestec

We have installed a number of the Angelina juke boxes into our estate, either replacing our existing jukeboxes, or as new installations. The customer feedback has been great, we love the aesthetics, but most importantly they are providing both a great music experience and generating returns for our business. We will be looking to roll out further over the coming months with this model.

TouchTunes Chris Tulloch, Blind Tiger Inns

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