TouchTunes’ Angelina jukebox touches down in the UK

September 17th 2019

When most people think of a jukebox, in their mind’s eye they see a vintage machine that would look out of place in most modern venues. As beautiful as some of these traditional jukeboxes are to look at, they’re not really driving any value in terms of customer experience or business revenue.

You might say, if ever there was a product that was in need of a digital transformation, it’s the jukebox.

Enter TouchTunes.

Our Angelina digital jukebox has proved to be a huge hit in the USA where it sits in more than 65,000 locations. We’re now bringing this revolutionary ‘social jukebox’ to the UK.

A jukebox built for the smartphone generation

You only need to look at the Angelina to see that this isn’t your average noughties jukebox. While customers will instantly recognise it as a jukebox, its appearance bears a similarity to another device: the tablet computer.

This is no coincidence.

It’s no secret that we’re all glued to our handheld technology. According to a report from UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, people in the UK, on average, check their smartphone once every 12 minutes during their waking hours.

I think it's fair to say that handheld technology is now dominating the way we live on a day-to-day basis with 78% of people saying they could not live without it which, shockingly enough, is not hard to believe. We use handheld technology for both work and pleasure meaning unless we "accidentally" leave it at home, we're never actually away from them.

What we’re getting at is that handheld tech like tablets are second nature to people. That was present in our minds in the design of the Angelina. We wanted to create a jukebox for the smartphone generation.

Encouraging customers to stay longer

The Angelina doesn’t just attract the right kind of attention, it engages and inspires customers like no other jukebox.

With music-driven lighting, powered by innovative algorithms, the Angelina is a somewhat hypnotic proposition for customers.

The ultimate upside of a visually appealing and engaging piece of tech in your venue is that customers will be encouraged to stay for longer; putting more money into the till, while paying to play the songs they want to hear via contactless payments.

Customers are in control of their own experience – that’s something that venues have to find a way to enable, especially when it comes to music. In these times of Spotify and Apple Music, people are their own curators. They don’t have to listen to the radio to get the music that they love – they can create their own playlists to ensure they only get the good stuff.

The TouchTunes smartphone app means customers can line up their next song from the comfort of their chairs. The Angelina’s smart technology learns from the tracks it plays to give your customers more of what they love to hear.

As a venue, you can curate playlists, ensuring that all musical choices made by customers are in keeping with your theme. The last thing you want is Meatloaf playing on vegan night…

More plays, fewer costs

Creating a winning atmosphere that appeals to your customers can often be expensive. Thinking just about the music for a minute, there’s the expense of paying for a DJ or a performer to think about. Or, if you’re going to let customers provide the entertainment, you’re going to need to buy or hire some karaoke kit.

Even background music can be costly due to the music licences that must be obtained whenever you want to play a tune in your venue to eradicate the silence.

In the case of TuneTunes, we take care of the licensing arrangements, so you don’t have to. Straight away, you’re cutting your costs. By removing the reliance on DJs and performers, you’re cutting your costs further. And by getting paid for every time someone plays the jukebox, you’re generating more revenue.

In addition, The Angelina will also generate goodwill within your customers, meaning they're likely to stay in your venue for longer. The venue is nothing without its customers, so having a tool like the Angelina that can unite both, it's venue and customers is priceless.

We’re confident we’ve built the world’s best jukebox.

It’s a big call, we know.

Why not let us give you a demonstration to see why we’re so sure? After seeing the Angelina, you’ll never have an image of a tired, old jukebox in your head again.


The most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built. The Angelina generated 30% more income from mobile, contactless and coinage compared to average national jukeboxes.

TouchTunes Stefan Podolanski, Gamestec

We have installed a number of the Angelina juke boxes into our estate, either replacing our existing jukeboxes, or as new installations. The customer feedback has been great, we love the aesthetics, but most importantly they are providing both a great music experience and generating returns for our business. We will be looking to roll out further over the coming months with this model.

TouchTunes Chris Tulloch, Blind Tiger Inns

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