The jukebox is dead, long live the jukebox!

February 04th 2020
Back in the day, playing the jukebox was the highlight of an evening down the pub. People used to elbow each other out of the way to be in charge of the music, it was that important to them.

Nowadays, a jukebox can go all night without even a second look; if it hasn’t already been sent to the scrapheap. It’s a crying shame. But the fact of the matter is that the traditional jukebox is no longer fit for the times.

Guests today are used to having an infinite bank of music to choose from – not just the outdated CDs (or records!) that your jukebox is serving up. They want to be able to control the music without having to rustle around for loose change. 

People are their own curators

It’s not that people are any less passionate about music than they were 20 or 30 years ago. In fact, figures from the British Phonographic Industry suggests we’re listening to more music than ever before. But how we all consume music today is very different from how it was during the traditional jukebox’s heyday.  

In these times of Spotify and Apple Music, people are their own curators. They don’t have to listen to the radio to get the music that they love – they can create their own playlists to ensure they only get the good stuff. The challenge for venues is to align with what customers are used to and allow them to control the music in a way that is familiar to them in 2020.

Introducing the Angelina

The Angelina from TouchTunes doesn’t just offer guests the chance to play music in a format they’re familiar with, it engages and inspires them like no other jukebox – keeping guests coming back for more.

A touchscreen, app-controlled device, the Angelina resonates with today’s tech-dependent customers. In our increasingly cashless society, it’s so quick and easy for customers to pay via the app or contactless card payments.

Instead of being sat dormant in the corner of the room, the slick Angelina system sits proud on the wall offering guests an unmatched selection of music to choose from. The Angelina’s smart technology learns from the tracks it plays to give your customers more of what they love to hear.

It creates the atmosphere that your customers want - and you intend - without you having to pay for a DJ or karaoke kit. You just choose the playlist and let your customers pick their favourite tunes via the app or contactless payments.

By putting customers in control of their experience, they’ll be more likely to dwell in your venue and spend at your bar. With every play, you get paid – so the jukebox quickly becomes a revenue stream, not a drain.

The jukebox of yesteryear might be dead, but the Angelina now reigns supreme. 


The most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built. The Angelina generated 30% more income from mobile, contactless and coinage compared to average national jukeboxes.

TouchTunes Stefan Podolanski, Gamestec

We have installed a number of the Angelina juke boxes into our estate, either replacing our existing jukeboxes, or as new installations. The customer feedback has been great, we love the aesthetics, but most importantly they are providing both a great music experience and generating returns for our business. We will be looking to roll out further over the coming months with this model.

TouchTunes Chris Tulloch, Blind Tiger Inns

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