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December 17th 2019
If you ask someone “What do you look for in a pub or bar?”, “Atmosphere” is likely to be one of the top responses. Music is a crucial element when it comes to setting the party mood. But how do you know what your customers want to hear?

The answer is actually very simple: get them to choose!

Experience music in a new light

The Angelina from TouchTunes delivers a revolutionary jukebox experience that creates a buzzing party atmosphere and brings people together to play all their favourite hits – past and present. It’s a sociable, fun way to liven up any venue and is sure to become a real talking point.

More music, more rounds

Although the jukebox is a traditional pub feature, it’s still very much valid today; with the Angelina, pubs will once again experience what made jukeboxes so popular in decades past. The Angelina jukebox not only makes money in itself, but by putting customers in control of their music experience, they’ll be happier and more inclined to dwell in your venue and spend at your bar as a result. Why would they want to go anywhere else? They’re much more likely to return in the future and tell their friends too.

You set the mood, they choose the songs

Although your customers are in control of the songs, you retain an element of control too: we curate playlists to ensure the music picked is appropriate for your venue’s atmosphere. Our expert music programmers curate a wide selection of playlists to help users find the tunes that get them in the party spirit. We also offer a selection of themed background music channels for locations to choose from.

Appeals to the on-demand generations

Portability and convenience dictate how people, especially younger generations, listen to audio content. We are a streaming generation. It’s what we’re used to, and what we’ve come to expect. When we’re at home, we have control over many things – from smart meters and bulbs to on- demand TV. We choose what we listen to and when (just ask Alexa!), so why should it be any different when we’re out? Just ask Angelina!  

Let your customers be the DJ – not you

Remove the guesswork that comes with the old-hat method of pre-choosing background music based on what you think your customers want to hear. Your customers know what they want to hear. They know whether its Sean Paul or Spandau Ballet that’ll get them up on their feet. The Angelina from TouchTunes allows venue owners to create a real buzz by getting customers involved in the experience. Touchscreen and app-controlled, the Angelina resonates with today’s tech-savvy guests – it’s quick and easy for customers to pay via the app or contactless card payments. So, are you ready to bring the party atmosphere to your venue? Contact us today for more information or a free demo!


The most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built. The Angelina generated 30% more income from mobile, contactless and coinage compared to average national jukeboxes.

TouchTunes Stefan Podolanski, Gamestec

We have installed a number of the Angelina juke boxes into our estate, either replacing our existing jukeboxes, or as new installations. The customer feedback has been great, we love the aesthetics, but most importantly they are providing both a great music experience and generating returns for our business. We will be looking to roll out further over the coming months with this model.

TouchTunes Chris Tulloch, Blind Tiger Inns

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